Our nutritional counselling is an integrative approach to wellness that recognizes the connection of body, mind and spirit.  Unlike traditional diets that focus on calories or macronutrient ratios, we consider the individual as a whole, their unique needs, personal goals and lifestyle.  We do not focus on short term fixes or restrictive menu planning we promote gradual, long-term lifestyle modifications that are realistic and enjoyable.  We help you explore the emotional aspects of your relationship with food, help foster a positive mindset and help promote mindful eating practices.  When you work to identify, stress, emotional triggers, and developing healthier coping mechanisms you can achieve a more harmonious relationship with food.  

Dieting doesn't work and can actively cause harm.  We are here to support you get off the diet rollercoaster and learn what food choices are best for your changing needs, schedule, lifestyle and desires.  We focus on Intuitive Eating (IE), a dynamic framework with goals of shifting away from dieting and embracing peace and balance with food and our bodies. We encourage individuals to reconnect with their internal cues of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction, rather than rely on external rules or restrictive diets.  Intuitive eating empowers you to trust your body's innate wisdom to nourish yourself. We help you identify and trust your body to know when and how much to eat so you can be flexible with your own changing needs, preferences, and schedules. Intuitive eaters develop a sense of internal peace, control and intentionality around food - rather than oscillate between “being good” or “being bad.”  We ultimately focus on helping you cultivate a positive and respectful relationship with food and your body, without fixating on weight loss as the primary goal. Instead, we encourage individuals to trust their body's signals, eat mindfully, and honor their hunger and fullness cues. While weight concerns may naturally shift as a result of adopting intuitive eating, the emphasis remains on overall well-being, body acceptance, and fostering a healthier relationship with food, rather than pursuing weight loss as the ultimate measure of success. 



Patients often describe themselves as feeling “lousy” at best and “horrible” at worst.  Symptoms like diarrhea, migraines, headaches, and reflux can be a result of years of eating foods that cause inflammation.  Although we do not do meal plans at NHNHC we work with some patients to decrease inflammation and identify foods that are causing symptoms.  

Is a food sensitivity like a food allergy?
Food sensitivities are often confused with allergic reactions.  Allergies have an onset of symptoms in a matter of 30 minutes or less whereas sensitivity symptoms can take up to 72 hours.

LEAP Program (Lifestyle Eating And Performance)

This is a 4-to-6 week program that includes initial consultation, MRT test, nutritional counseling/dietary therapy, and if needed, a maintenance program.  The initial consultation involves assessment of your nutritional concern, by a registered dietitian, and determination if the MRT test and LEAP program is appropriate for you.