Ozone Therapy (Major Ozonated Autohemotherapy) 

Ozone (Major Ozonated Autohemotherapy) originally invented in Germany is a procedure that uses a small amount of ozone gas introduced into a blood sample, this sample is mixed with normal saline in an IV bag and reintroduced into the patient.  This therapy is most often combined with ultraviolet light treatment for optimal treatment outcomes.  MOAH therapies have been safely performed worldwide with good effects on multiple health conditions with a large body of literature demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of this therapy. 

Ozone (when combined with blood) can be thought of as a “biological response modifier.” In other words, it is a stimulus for your body to produce a chain of effects mediated by the production of hydrogen peroxide and other biochemicals. This results in increased production of antioxidants, stimulation of the neuroendocrine system, increased blood oxygen levels, and a mild stimulation of the immune system. Contrary to popular misconceptions ozone does not directly sterilize blood as it does water.

Ozone can be very helpful in many conditions such as:  vascular diseases, cancer, diabetic wound healing, and infectious diseases such as Lyme disease. Most people feel more energy and an increased sense of well being after a series of treatments. Give us a call to see if you are a good candidate for this therapy.