When it comes to cancer early detection and treatment is the best-case scenario. Early detection greatly improves your chance of receiving effective treatment.  Most cancers mortalities (70%) are caused by cancers that are not commonly screened for. These cancers are often diagnosed at an advanced stage, when they are much harder to treat.

There are only a few cancer screenings that are widely recommended for screening asymptomatic patients. These screenings include: colonoscopies for colon cancer, mammography for breast cancer, Pap smears for cervical cancer, and PSA for prostate cancer.  There is a lack additional, effective screening tests for other cancers. The Galleri test fills this very important void of providing a screening test for cancers that have not, until now, had widely available screening tests. The Galleri test looks for more than 50 types of cancers with a single blood sample. Dr. Mathieson recommends this test for all patients over 50 with a family history of cancer.

The RGCC Test (link to more information)

The RGCC test is the most comprehensive and unique cancer test available.  It can be used for both predicting the aggressiveness of an existing cancer and making informed treatment decisions regarding natural or pharmaceutical agents.  The RGCC test uses your own cancer cells, in real time, to see what treatments they respond to.  This is a revolutionary method of cancer treatment that Dr. Mathieson recommends to any patient, at any stage of cancer.